3 Steps to Ensuring Your Heater is Ready for Winter

It’s taken awhile to get there, but we are finally feeling some cooler temperatures. While it may not be time quite yet to shut off our AC systems for the season, it is certainly time to start thinking about heater maintenance. A prematurely failed heating system is no less convenient than any other broken down appliance or system in your home.

In fact, it can be even worse, considering you could be stuck in the dead of winter with no form of heat. The number one way to ensure that this does not happen is by scheduling heating system maintenance. But what happens during this service appointment? Keep reading to learn what 3 steps our technicians take to prepare your system for the coming season.

1. We Inspect the System

During inspection of your heating system, our team will look for any potential health and safety risks, or anything else that might negatively impact the performance of your heater. We’ll let you know if any component of your system is in need of urgent repair, so that you may schedule additional services ASAP.

2. We Thoroughly Clean Your Heater

Even when just one component of your heating system is dirty, it can’t perform as well as it should, meaning that your heater itself isn’t performing efficiently or effectively. If you have a dirty furnace burner, for example, it won’t be able to generate heat appropriately. Plus, if one heating system component fails, soon a domino effect will cause other components to fail as well.

3. We Make Adjustments

Due to natural wear and tear over the years, there are components of your heating system that may need adjustments. Examples include a bent flame sensor, or a loose furnace panel. These issues by their selves are relatively minor. However, if ignored, they can turn into serious emergencies down the line.

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