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We enjoy great weather year–round here in Denver, CO. In particular, the relatively dry summers allow us to avoid the high heat/high humidity combination that can make cooling an entire home a serious (and expensive) prospect for other areas of the country. At Aurora Plumbing Company, we take pride in our ability to offer “green” solutions that will not only save our customers money in the long run, but which will also do so without you having to sacrifice one iota of your comfort. One elegant cooling solution is known as the swamp cooler, also referred to as the evaporative cooler. This type of cooling system was built for summers like ours, and you would do well to consider one for your home, along with our other options. Enter swamp coolers.

When it comes to swamp cooler services, we have got you covered. We not only install new swamp coolers from scratch, but we also provide excellent swamp cooler repair and maintenance services as well. Since 1984, we have been family owned and operated, and we continue to grow as a result of our steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction and quality workmanship. We employ NATE–certified technicians who know these systems inside and out, and who each have an average of over 17 years in the industry. Let us take care of your swamp cooler services in Denver, CO.

The Denver, CO HVAC and plumbing experts at Aurora Plumbing Company offer quality repair, installation, and maintenance services throughout the Denver area. Request an estimate today!

How Do Swamp Coolers Work?

The principle behind the swamp cooler is fairly straightforward. The basic system involves a blower motor, damp pads and a pump to keep said pads constantly wet. As hot outside air flows into the swamp cooler, it is cooled by interacting with the moisture in the pads, which causes this water to evaporate. Hence, its alternative name, the evaporative cooler. It utilizes the same process that cools your skin after getting out of the pool. These systems are highly energy efficient, when compared to conventional air conditioners.

Professional Swamp Coolers Installation in Denver, CO

Let our HVAC technicians take you through every step of your swamp cooler installation. We can make certain that you select a model whose cooling capacity matches that of your home, as well as your budget. The selection process is crucial, as an overly small or large system may not be able to deliver on its promise of performance and energy efficiency. We work with homes of all shapes and sizes, and we can find an evaporative cooler that works well for your home.

What Are Common Swamp Cooler Repairs in Denver, CO?

Like any other HVAC system, your swamp cooler endures a significant amount of wear and tear over time, and you may find yourself in need of swamp cooler repair services at some point. If you notice that your system no longer works as well as it once did, or you hear any loud or strange noises emitting from the blower, then don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can be there in no time to assess the situation and provide an excellent solution. Call Aurora Plumbing Company today for all of your swamp cooler service needs in Denver, CO.

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