Should I Call a Plumber to Fix a Leaky Faucet?

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Is there any plumbing problem used more often for comic effect than the leaky faucet? Entire Warner Bros. cartoons are based on characters driven to the edge of insanity trying to get a decent night’s sleep when a faucet in the next room drip-drip-drips away. Most comedy is based on a kernel of reality, and leaky faucets are definitely a major annoyance in the real world. They are also a source of massive water waste: a single leaky faucet can waste over 100 gallons of water during a year. If you have a faucet that is drip-drip-dipping in your home, you need to have it fixed.

But do you need a professional plumber for this job? Yes, most of the time you do. APC Plumbing & Heating is glad to help you take care of that leaking faucet, as well as any other plumbing repair in Denver, CO you may require. Don’t let that faucet waste water or keep you up at night: give us a call.

The reasons you need to turn to plumbers to fix leaky faucets

There are a number of causes for faucets leaking, and most won’t be apparent to you unless you are a trained plumber–or you attempt to dismantle the faucet and find the trouble yourself. We don’t recommend you try this approach. Just think of another comedy convention: the broken faucet blasting water all over the place while the characters haplessly attempt to fix it. This is also close to reality. If you pull out wrenches and start taking apart the faucet, thinking that perhaps a loose washer is the trouble, you might end up making greater trouble. Huge leaks are a major source of water damage, and if you end up with water soaking through a bathroom or kitchen furniture and floors, it can mean expensive repairs. Don’t let that small dripping leak turn into something bigger: go to the professional plumbers first.

APC Plumbing & Heating is a family-owned business, and we understand that your home needs to have fast and effective service whenever problems crop up. We offer quality plumbing repair in Denver, CO for whatever issues you are experiencing, from something as small as a leaky faucet to as large as replacing a water main. Don’t take risks with DIY jobs: call us first!


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