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Are you satisfied with the heating and cooling that your HVAC system delivers? Is your plumbing system on the rocks? Does your water heater even work properly? At Aurora Plumbing Company, we offer comprehensive plumbing, heating and air conditioning services throughout the Westminster, CO area, including the installation of sump pumps, air purifiers, central air units and radiant systems.

In addition to installing new products, we also provide excellent repair and routine maintenance services at a moment’s notice on air conditioning, heating and plumbing systems. We have been in this business since 1984, and we have served over 115,000 satisfied customers in that time. Call now to schedule professional residential or commercial HVAC and plumbing services in Westminster, CO.

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Your Trusted Westminster, CO Plumbers

When you have a leak or clog, or need a new water heater on the double, we can make certain that your plumbing services are taken care of correctly. We employ Master and Journeyman plumbers who can handle any task you set before them, from the installation of a sump pump to main water line replacement. Your plumbing services should be taken care of by a pro so that you can be confident that the new product or repair will last. A plumber on our team is standing by, ready to get started on your project. If you’re looking for professional plumbing contractors in Westminster, CO, call us today.

  • Sump Pumps: Sump pumps are relatively simple devices, though their installation must be completed by a professional plumbing service expert, as it can be complicated. We offer various makes and models of sump pumps in Westminster, CO, and we’d be happy to take care of yours if you find that it no longer functions as well as it should. It adds a layer of protection against the risk of water damage to your home.
  • Garbage Disposal Systems: We offer garbage disposal services throughout the Westminster, CO area, including the installation of new products from scratch as well as repair and maintenance. A garbage disposal is an environmentally friendly device that minimizes the amount of food waste that ends up in landfills.

Water Heater Services

If you’re in the market for a water heater, you may be surprised to learn of the various types and brands available in the residential market. From tried and true tank water heaters to the latest in energy efficient tankless and hybrid water heaters, you have plenty of options. To ensure a successful future for your water heater, make sure that it is installed and serviced by one of our professional Westminster, CO water heater technicians. We can make certain that your water heater works well for years to come.

  • Water Heater Repair: We specialize in taking care of water heaters when they break down. If you find that your water heater makes a loud or strange noise, or it fails to deliver sufficient hot water throughout the various fixtures and appliances in your home, we can provide a solution with our water heater repair service in Westminster, CO.
  • Tankless Water Heaters: If you need a new water heater, then you may want to go beyond the standard tank models for a tankless model. The tankless water heater works not by keeping a large tank full of constantly heated water, but by heating your water on demand. We install and service them.

Drain & Sewer Services

Your drain and sewer system is crucial to the daily operation of your shower, sinks, dishwasher, washing machine and any other plumbed fixture in the home, so don’t let it go without professional service, particularly if you notice any signs of disrepair. Keep an eye and nose out for any leaks, odors, particularly those stemming from your underground sewer line. We offer excellent drain and sewer services throughout the Westminster, CO area, including installation, replacement, repair and maintenance. Call us today if you need a great plumber.

  • Drain Cleaning: Let us handle all of your drain cleaning needs. We use safe and effective methods to ensure that your drains are thoroughly and carefully cleaned. Using harsh chemicals is not only bad for the environment, but it can also damage your drains over time. Call us today for professional drain cleaning in Westminster, CO.

Heating Services in Westminster, CO

A new heating system can add some much-needed comfort to your Westminster, CO home, especially on those frosty evenings. If your existing heater is ready for retirement, or you’re shopping around for a new heating system to accompany your new home construction project, then let us help you achieve excellent results. Our heating services are comprehensive, and they cover everything from installation to routine maintenance. Give our heating contractors a call today when you need excellent heating services in Westminster, CO.

Heating Installation and Replacement

Your heating installation should be completed by a professional HVAC installation technician if you want it to work just as it should. There’s no getting around this fact, and you can depend on our HVAC technicians for a successful outcome to your heater installation in Westminster, CO.

Heating Repair and Maintenance

Heaters break down over time. Despite your best efforts at preventive maintenance, not every problem can be avoided. We offer excellent heating repair services in Westminster, CO that can have your heater back up and running in no time at all. We provide lasting solutions every time, and no job is too small or large for our team. Call our HVAC repair specialists today to schedule your heating repair service in Westminster, CO. don’t be left in the cold.

  • Furnaces: Whether you opt for a gas furnace because you already have natural gas piping installed or an electric furnace because you prefer to do so, we can make sure that it is professionally installed and serviced. From furnace installation to repair and maintenance, we provide the full gamut of heating services.
  • Boilers: Boilers use radiant heat, which does not heat your air directly, which in many cases dries it out. Instead, it uses hot water or steam to radiate heat by means of copper pipes, radiators or in-floor piping. When it comes to providing excellent boiler service in Westminster, CO, you can count on us.

Westminster Air Conditioning Services

For air conditioning in Westminster, trust our experts! From central air units and heat pumps to ductless mini splits and swamp coolers, we can provide everything you need for excellent cooling for years to come. Our air conditioning system services also include repair and maintenance to keep your existing AC in order. Call our AC service experts today if you are looking for a new air conditioner, or if you’re in need of professional cooling system services in Westminster, CO.

Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement

In order to use your air conditioner confidently and properly, you can rely on the AC installation team at Aurora Plumbing Company for all of your air conditioning installation and replacement needs. We’ll make sure that your AC system works just as it should. Call our air conditioner installation experts today to discuss the benefits of professional installation service in Westminster, CO.

AC Repair and Maintenance

During the course of its service life, your air conditioner will undergo its fair share of wear and tear. From bad capacitors to refrigerant leaks, we have seen it all and we service it all. Our AC repair technicians can make sure that your air conditioning repair service is taken care of promptly and properly. To keep your system running efficiently and effectively for years to come, learn more about our air conditioning maintenance options in Westminster.

  • Swamp Coolers: Due to the dry climate in Westminster, CO, you may wish to think beyond convention when it comes to cooling. We offer excellent swamp cooler services in Westminster, CO, from the installation of new systems to ongoing repair and maintenance. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of swamp coolers.

Are You Interested in Improving Your Indoor Air Quality in Westminster, CO?

Indoor air quality should be one of your major concerns as a homeowner. After all, it’s not only temperature that counts. Don’t take airborne contaminants such as dust, dander and mold spores for granted, and keep in mind that low humidity levels can provide all sorts of trouble, given the time. If you’re interested in improving your indoor air quality, then speak to one of our friendly staff members today. We install and service air purifiers, humidifiers, UV air purifiers and air filtration systems. We can make certain that your air is of the highest quality possible.

  • Air Purifiers: We install and service several different types of air purifiers, including electronic models that use an ionization process to remove particles as well as UV models that use ultraviolet light in order to eliminate biological contaminants. We can find the right solution for your home. Let us know what problems you run into with the quality of the air in your home.
  • Humidifiers: Humidifiers make for excellent HVAC upgrades if you find that your indoor air has extremely low humidity. Portable units really cannot compare. Our whole house humidifiers are installed directly within your HVAC system for maximum coverage, ultimate control and high efficiency. Call today for details about the benefits of installing a humidifier in the Westminster, CO area.

Commercial Plumbing Services in Westminster, CO

The various pipes and fixtures that comprise the plumbing system in your commercial building are incredibly important to daily operations around the office. We offer excellent commercial plumbing services throughout the Westminster, CO area, including the installation of hot and cold piping, drains, sewer and water lines as well as water heaters, grease traps and gas lines.

Call Aurora Plumbing Company for commercial plumbing and HVAC services throughout the Westminster, CO area.



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