Common Sewer Line Problems You’ll Need a Specialist to Fix

Problems with the sewer line are some of the most unpleasant you can come across. Not only is it (frankly) smelly, but technicians may need to rip up parts of your property in order to get the situation under control. Thankfully, if you use quality plumbers for the job, they will work to reduce the damage and control the situation quickly and correctly. Learn more about how drain and sewer specialists address some of the most common sewer line issues in today’s post.

A Leak in the Sewer Line

All pipes eventually wear down or corrode until they begin to form leaks. In some cases, repairing the issue means digging out the old pipes and installing new ones, a messy, destructive job that could take a number of days. Choose plumbers who use trenchless technology for your sewer line repair. This involves digging only one or two holes in the yard and feeding a new pipe through the old one, with minimal damage to your landscaping—but only some drain and sewer specialists have access to this machinery.

Sewer Line Clogs

You’ll know that your sewer line is clogged when more than one of the drains in your home starts moving slowly or if they stop up completely. As you probably realize, the standard plunger is not going to get rid of a clog this far along in the line, and drain cleaning chemicals may only cause additional damage. Plumbers use high-tech inspection equipment to determine where the problem is and may employ augers to remove the blockage. Hydro-jetting equipment, used by only select sewer cleaning companies, can blast clogs into the sewer and prevent additional clogs from forming.

Tree Root Infiltration

One of the most common (and perhaps surprising) problems to happen with sewer lines is an infiltration of tree roots. Roots always grow toward a source of water, and your sewer line is an ideal target, especially if it is wearing away from old age. The services involved with eliminating this issue can be complex, so work with a plumber you can trust for a quality sewer line repair.

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