Would You Benefit from Ductless Cooling?

Ductless air conditioning systems function by adopting a decentralized approach to cooling your home. Multiple small units are installed throughout your home instead of just one centralized system to cool down your entire home. Ductless systems allow for zoning: you can turn off the air in the parts of your home not being used to save money on your electricity bills.

Plus, this zoning capability allows individual family members or occupants to set the temperature to suit their own individual cooling preferences in other areas of the home. Not every type of home or family will benefit from this type of air conditioning system, however. So how do you know if you will?

How Big is Your Home?

Ductless cooling systems are often recommended for larger homes, for multiple reasons. Centralized cooling systems can often struggle to cool the largest of homes, leading to some parts that are warmer than others—particularly if it hasn’t been correctly sized.

Since this will likely lead you to setting the thermostat lower and lower, you’ll soon find that your monthly energy bills are on the rise. Ductless systems are the solution to this, providing zoned cooling but still allowing for whole-home comfort.

Do You Have Multiple Occupants?

If you have a large family or even if you are renting out a room, chances are that not everyone in your household has the same exact cooling preferences as you. Ductless systems allow each member of your household to keep their thermostat at their desired temperature.

Is Your Home a Vacation Home?

Vacation homes are typically places where many people get together. As such, ductless air conditioning systems make a good fit, allowing all the occupants of the home to use it without running up high energy costs.

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