Why You Should Replace a Furnace After 15 Years

It’s a tough decision to replace a furnace that you’ve had for many years when it’s been working reliably for such a long time. But there are actually many good reasons to replace a furnace, even before it breaks down for a long time. We’ve got two good reasons listed below: your health and your wallet. For more information, contact our friendly team of professionals.

Keeping it around may be dangerous

While modern-day furnaces are designed to be as tough and as safe as possible, yours could have some safety issues that you are unaware of. One of the biggest safety hazards is a cracked heat exchanger as this would allow carbon monoxide to leak into your home. It can also be difficult to tell if a furnace is in poor enough condition for the heat exchanger to develop a crack.

The design of a modern-day heat exchanger should hold up for a very long time without any issues. However, even if your furnace is new, a faulty installation could allow for cracks in this component, as could an amateur repair, or just standard wear and tear. Replace a furnace after 15 years, and you can lower the chances of this colorless, odorless gas moving into your home.

You’re probably spending too much on maintenance costs

Another reason to replace a furnace after 15 years is that manufacturers keep making furnaces more efficient with each passing year. Today’s furnaces often have efficiency ratings of well over 90 AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency), while a system installed multiple decades ago could have an AFUE of only 50 or 60. This means a significant drop in energy consumption, especially when properly installed and regularly maintained.

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