Why Is Professional Air Conditioning Installation So Important?

The air conditioning systems manufactured today are much more energy efficient than those of the past. However, they can only function at their best when they are installed correctly. Amateur installation can result in shoddy performance, plus can lead to costly repairs you might have avoided otherwise.

To prevent the risk of premature system failure, it’s best to have your air conditioning system installed by a professional. Our professionals understand how to determine cooling loads in order to gauge what size your system should be, and how to choose the best type of air conditioner for your home.

Cooling Loads Matter

The cooling load of your AC system is a measurement of the amount of heat energy that needs to be removed from a space to maintain an acceptable temperature. These cooling loads will not only vary by home, but will even vary by room-to-room within your home.

Therefore, the output from both your cooling and you heating system must be correctly matched to your home’s size, among other factors such as the number of windows in your home and your ceiling heights. Lastly, the amount of air that flows through your living space must align also with the capacity of the blower and your ductwork (if you have ductwork).

Sizing for Optimal Performance

When your HVAC professional correctly assesses your cooling loads and properly installs your air conditioning system, that system will give you optimal performance for your home. The HVAC technicians on our staff have years of training and experience behind them, which gives them the ability to safely install dependable AC systems.

Additionally, a professional HVAC technician will have the know-how to properly maintain your air conditioner to ensure it has the best lifespan, efficiency, and comfort for the years to follow. Remember, an inexperienced handyman or unlicensed HVAC technician can do more harm than good when it comes to system installation.

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