Why Is My AC Frozen?

frozen pipes

As the weather really starts to heat up, you certainly don’t expect to see frost forming anywhere. But one of the most common issues to occur during the air conditioning season is a frozen air conditioning system. The indoor portion of your air conditioning system could freeze even on the hottest of days, but only if there is something wrong with your AC system. If you notice this issue, don’t attempt to scrape off the ice, and don’t assume it’s normal. Call a technician to your home as soon as possible.

Why Does an AC Freeze?

The indoor portion of your air conditioner is responsible for absorbing heat from the air and returning cool air to the home. As refrigerant moves through an evaporator coil, the warm air from your home blowing past it cools down as refrigerant absorbs the heat. The coil cools down, and humidity in the air collects on the outside of the coil as condensation. This water should then drain into a pan and through a condensate drain pipe.

When something is not quite right with this system, the moisture on the outside of the coil can freeze. This can happen if there is not enough warm air blowing past the coil or if there is not enough refrigerant in the air conditioning system due to a leak.

What to Do about It

Scraping ice off the coil can damage it, and it won’t address the source of the issue in the first place. You may need more refrigerant as well as sealing of the refrigerant line. It could be that the fan motor needs replacement, or you might just have to replace the filter. It’s always best to let a technician determine the cause and take the proper steps toward fixing the issue. Call a qualified AC repair technician today.

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