Why Is a Boiler System Better for Allergy Sufferers?

If you are an allergy sufferer, have you ever noticed your allergies seem to get worse every time the heater was on? It’s not just your imagination. Forced air heating systems can exacerbate allergies by circulating dust and pollen throughout the house. This forces people with allergies into a sort of catch-22. They can be warm or they can breathe well, but they can’t do both. Fortunately, there is a way to both be warm and mitigate your allergies: a boiler system.

How Does a Boiler System Heat a Home?

The most common boiler based system is called “radiant heating.” This kind of heating begins by installing pipes in the walls or subfloor of the rooms that need heat. Occasionally, these pipes will be connected to terminal points like baseboard heaters or iron radiators. The boiler then heats and distributes water through these pipes. As the water flows through the pipes, it radiates thermal energy out through the floor or walls and into the room. This thermal energy is transmitted through solid objects rather than air.

How does that help my Allergies?

The main reason that boiler systems are better for allergy sufferers is the way they transport heat throughout the house. The main problem with forced air systems is that it circulates heat by blowing air around the house. This takes all airborne allergens and contaminants along with the air, increasing the homeowner’s exposure and provoking allergic reactions. Boiler systems rely on water to circulate heat instead of air. This avoids circulating air throughout the house through ductwork, thereby preventing an increase in exposure to allergens. By doing this, you can still heat your house without having to worry about provoking your allergies with whatever contaminants are lurking in the ductwork of your home.

You also have the added benefit of having a more energy efficient heating system. Radiant heating conducts and delivers heat better than most forced air systems, saving you money in addition to improving your allergies. If you’re thinking about installing a boiler based system, call APC Plumbing & Heating. We provide heating services all over Denver.


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