Who Do I Hire to Install Gas Piping?

When you think of the services that professional plumbers provide, it’s likely that your gas piping doesn’t come to mind right away. Plumbers, after all, are people who work with pipes that carry water and sewage, and do installation and repair jobs for faucets, sinks, garbage disposals, and sewer lines, right? These are all of the plumbing parts of the freshwater and wastewater system of  your home, after all.

But actually, your Denver, CO gas lines are an important part of your home that our plumbers are also trained to handle–and therefore when you need gas line services, your plumber is the pro to call! We are a team of full-service plumbers and can handle any gas piping jobs that come our way, from installation and replacement to repairs and maintenance.

But Why Do I Need Professional Gas Line Services?

There are actually many things that your freshwater and wastewater piping of your plumbing system have in common with the piping that carries natural gas. For instance, the pipes are made from similar materials—galvanized steel, copper, and plastic. The majority of the natural gas piping that you’ll see is actually made form copper, since it is corrosion resistant and lightweight.

Our plumbers may also use plastic pipes for your natural gas lines in specific uses. This might include the need for flexible piping for small areas and natural gas lines. A well-trained plumber, such as one of the members of our team, knows that it is essential to make sure that gas piping has the same attention as other types of piping—eliminating the risk of leaks.

And actually, it’s illegal in most jurisdictions for anyone to work on a gas pipe or gas-powered appliance if they do not have a special license to do so. Professional gas plumbers are the only people with the skill and the licensing to do this job. There’s a good reason for this—leaking gas lines are very dangerous health hazards. Ensuring you keep yourself and your family safe by only allowing licensed professional plumbers to handle your gas lines.

Would You Like to Expand Your Natural Gas Use?

Our gas line plumbers do many repair jobs as well as check-ups, but as mentioned above, we are also available to assist with new gas line installation or replacement, as well. If you believe your home could benefit from expanding how much it uses natural gas, and you have access to the city’s main gas line, then talk to our plumbers today to find out what we can do to add the convenience of natural gas to your home!

This might include replacing an old electric clothes dryer for a gas-powered one, or improving your cooking by installing a gas stove to replace your electric stove top, or perhaps even switching out an electric space heater for an efficient gas-powered furnace. Whatever your needs are, talk to our team and we’ll be able to find the best solution for your specific needs.

At Aurora Plumbing Company, we have someone in your neighborhood today—so contact us any time for questions regarding gas lines or any of our other various plumbing services!


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