When to Think about Replacing Your Air Conditioner

When an air conditioning system is professional installed and maintained on a regular basis, it has the potential to last well over a decade. However, no matter how well you take care of your cooling system, there will come a time that it just can’t take anymore and you’ll need a new unit.

If your AC system truly cannot make it through another summer, then now is the best time to consider replacing it. You don’t want to be stuck on the hottest day of summer with a malfunctioning or broken down air conditioner. Below, we’ve outlined common signs that a new air conditioner is in order.

Decreased Efficiency

Air conditioning wear and tear is something you can do very little about. It’s the natural process that your air conditioning system goes through as it ages. As your cooling system gets older, it will eventually wear down so much that its efficiency will begin to decline and you’ll notice higher energy bills.

The reason for this is that decreased efficiency forces your system to stay on for too long of periods of time to compensate. Therefore, if you’ve noticed your utility bills going up however have not been using your air conditioner any more than normal, it’s time to consider replacing your aging AC.

Frequent Repairs

Occasional repairs are a natural part of air conditioner ownership. Throughout its lifespan, your air conditioner may need repairs more than a few times, even if you schedule routine maintenance for the cooling system.

However, as your system ages you might notice that repair needs become more and more frequent. Wear and tear causes parts of your system to start failing, and from there it can be a domino effect. If your air conditioner’s repairs are starting to cost half of what it would be to replace an aging system, then a replacement may very well be your best option.

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