What Type of Maintenance Does an Air Conditioner Need?


A common misconception about air conditioners is that they only need more refrigerant (a chemical blend you may have heard called by the trademarked name Freon) when they stop performing as well as they once did. But refrigerant is not something that naturally evacuates from an air conditioning system. Refilling (or charging) the refrigerant is not a normal part of maintaining an air conditioner, and a lack of refrigerant means something is wrong. However, there are a few maintenance tasks that should be done from time to time to keep the system going smoothly.

Changing the Filter

The filter is the portion of your AC system that air first meets up with as it’s sucked into your unit by a blower fan. Many particles are trapped in the filter so that they won’t move into the air conditioner and cause any damage. The filter becomes more and more clogged with debris, which helps to protect your AC from damage and preserve your indoor air quality, but also can block the airflow. Changing the filter once a month regulates airflow, which means the coil won’t freeze and the system won’t be as likely to become overworked.

Professional Maintenance

Most of the other cleaning tasks involved in maintaining an air conditioner should be performed by a professional. The outside condenser components, for example, are bound to gather a lot of dirt and debris over the year. You can do your part by keeping large debris away from the unit and trimming back any nearby hedges, but a professional has the proper expertise to clean the coils without damaging the system.

Annual maintenance visits also include a thorough adjustment of many of the components of your air conditioner, including any loose electrical connections, screws, or fan blades. We recommend annual air conditioning maintenance to all of our customers in order to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently. It can even extend the life of your system by months or even years.

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