What Are the Advantages of Radiant Heating?

radiant heating

The term “radiant heating” is a bit deceptive, as a radiant heating system does not actually use radiation to heat a space. However, the convective and conductive heat that you feel from your radiant heating system may be some of the most comforting heat you’ve ever had in your home. The majority of homes in the United States use furnaces, but these aren’t always effective at heating a space entirely. Furnaces heat the air, which then blows into a room, but there may be hot or cold spots in the room as it might not be able to fill the entire space.

Radiant heating systems require a boiler to heat water so that it can move through your home. Sometimes, this is done through the use of a terminal unit like a radiator, baseboard unit, fan coil unit, or convector. But in some cases, you can install a piping system under the floor for radiant floor heating. Any type of radiant installation comes with the following benefits.

  • All around comfort – Radiant heating systems don’t heat up the air. They heat up the people and the objects in the room. Most people with radiant systems in the home describe this as feeling much more comfortable, as it distributes heat evenly throughout the room, and it makes you feel warmer faster.
  • Energy savings – Radiant heating systems use less energy than furnaces do. While the cost of installation may be somewhat higher than the cost of a forced air heating system, you’ll save more every month and it may eventually offset the cost.
  • No ducts – Ductwork is actually responsible for a lot of different types of issues with forced-air heating systems. Air can leak easily from the ducts, causing a number of heating issues you won’t have to worry about with a boiler.
  • Less maintenance – You’ll never have to change a filter in a boiler as you must with a furnace, and they may even require less professional maintenance as well. Besides that, boilers have fewer mechanical components, which means they may even need fewer repairs.

Installing a radiant heating system takes a lot of time and planning, which is why you want to go with a reputable heating system experienced in installing boilers and terminal units. Call APC Plumbing & Heating to work with professionals experienced in installing boilers in Aurora.


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