Upgrade Your Water Heater and Save Money

Not sure if you’re ready to replace your older water heater just yet? Consider this: water heaters take up about 15% of your energy bill. And when you have an older tank-style unit, the components may be so worn down that your water heater uses even more energy to keep your water hot throughout the day.

A new high-efficiency water heater may use 10-50% less energy than your older unit. And although conventional hot water heaters use a storage tank and burners to keep water hot at all times, we recommend switching out to one of these high-efficiency units instead if you want to reduce your bills and your usage of natural resources.

  • Tankless Water Heater: A tankless water heater only uses energy when you open up a hot water tap in your home. These on-demand type systems significantly reduce your energy use because there is no “standby energy loss,” meaning you’re not wasting energy all day when you only really need to use the hot water a handful of times in a day.
  • Heat Pump Water Heater: While this system does use a large tank, it doesn’t waste so much energy because it does not need to generate heat, in the conventional sense. Instead, a heat pump moves heat around from one place to another. Bringing heat into the tank from the surrounding air is a more efficient process than combustion or electrical resistance.
  • Tank-Tankless Hybrid Water Heater: The problem many people have with tankless units is that the water coming to your faucet takes a while to heat up. A tank-tankless hybrid solves this problem, keeping a small reservoir of water heated while the rest of the water you need heats up on demand. Heating this small tank uses much less energy than heating up a large 50-gallon tank.

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