Tree Roots and your Plumbing System

sewer line overflow

Ever wonder why your home’s sewer line is buried underneath your yard? Well first off, we’d like to think you find it more aesthetically pleasing than being anywhere else. However there’s more to it than simply being attractive. This setup is also for safety and functionality. But unfortunately, this often leads to the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality, making the sewer line susceptible to problems like tree roots seeking out a water source.

Tree roots are actually a more common cause of sewer line damage and clogs than people may realize, and require a professionally trained and experienced Lakewood, CO plumber to resolve. As you can probably guess, tree roots crave water. Therefore, even the smallest leak in your sewer line can attract them. Tree roots are not the only threat to your sewer pipe, however they are certainly important to be aware of.

Can Tree Roots Really Do That Much Damage?

We get it, your sewer pipes seem solid, perhaps even impenetrable. For the most part, this is true. But if your sewer line is older or even just made from less durable material, then it will be susceptible to persistent roots. Typically, the piping most impacted by these roots is Clay tile or Orangeburg. But even concrete or PVC can be affected.

Once tree roots have infiltrated your sewer line and damaged it, the roots create two following problems. First, the affected area of piping allows sewage to leak into your yard. If this happens you’ll probably notice standing water, spongy grass, and/or unpleasant odors coming from your landscaping. Second, the roots can continue to grow up into the pipes as they absorb water, creating a partial or complete blockage of your sewer line.

How to Prevent Tree Root Damage

The best way to fix any plumbing problem is to prevent it from occurring in the first place! Of course, this proclamation isn’t applicable in every situation, however in this case it is. Our professional plumbers can help located your sewer line for you, to help you determine where you can plant trees and other landscaping where it will be less likely to run into tree roots.

Another prevention tactic is to have a professional plumber inspect your piping and see if it is susceptible to damage or deterioration. We’ll take appropriate steps from there.

“Tree Roots Are Already in My Pipes, What Now?”

If you suspect tree roots have essentially broken into your sewer line, our professional plumbers will do what’s called a video pipe inspection to make sure this is the case and it isn’t some other problem we’re dealing with. We also employ a number of other professional-grade tools and equipment to help resolve sewer line problems. We’ll likely use augers to break up the tree roots, and hydro-jetting equipment to blast away the remaining root blockage.

Of course, if tree roots have already cracked your sewer line, then it’s likely you’ll need further repairs. Whatever your plumbing problem is, though, one thing is for sure—you can count on our staff to get the job done right the first time, and get your system back in working order ASAP so you can use it reliably once again.

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