3 Things You Should Do to Keep Your Plumbing System Maintained


Plumbing issues can lead to a lot of damage for your home. Drain clogs can bring raw sewage back up through the drains, and they make it a lot harder for you to get through daily tasks. Plumbing leaks cause water damage and may allow mold a chance to develop. You don’t want to have to deal with these issues in the future, so why not take a few simple steps today to prevent them? We present three of our top maintenance tips below.

  • Check around the home for leaks. Leaks don’t always show up in plain view, but they can do hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage nonetheless. Check for water spots around the home, especially in rooms that use a lot of water or those located beneath a bathroom. Look for wet or dark spots on the ceilings and walls. Pay attention and call a professional if your water pressure plunges, if you feel warm spots on the ground floor, or if you notice that one portion of your grass seems to be growing quite fast.
  • Get the drains cleaned each year. Professional drain cleaning involves the use of tools like hydro jetters. This thin hose blasts water through the drains so that residue goes straight into the sewer. This makes it unlikely that clogs will form in the near future.
  • Have regular pipeline inspections completed by a professional. A professional pipeline inspection can point to leaks you could not be aware of otherwise. This is particularly important for homeowners who have experienced leaks before (especially in the sewer line) and those with pipes over a few decades old.

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