3 Signs that Your Water Heater Needs Repair

Can you imagine living in your home without a water heater? You use hot water on a daily basis, and not just for showering. Doing the dishes, running a load of laundry, and even washing your hands are all tasks that are made a lot more difficult without the help of a water heater. So when you have to go without, even for a day, it can be quite the inconvenience.

That’s why you should watch out for water heater issues before the unit shuts off completely. Noticing problems with your water heater now can keep the system from shutting down unexpectedly on a busy day. Schedule repairs on your own time by calling an experienced technician when you notice any of these issues:

  • Loud noises: Noises from the tank could indicate a mineral buildup in the tank, a leak, or problems with the pressure levels in the tank. Be sure to have a professional assess the issue before jumping to any conclusions.
  • Reduced water pressure: If you only notice reduce water pressure when you run the hot water, it’s probably an issue with the water heater. Most often, this means that scale has built up in the unit and is blocking the normal flow of water out of the heater. A technician may only need to flush the tank, though work may be involved.
  • Not enough hot water: Sure, you still feel some hot water from your faucets, so it may not seem worth it to call for repairs just yet. However, remember that this problem can get a lot worse, until your next shower is a cold one. Call for repairs ASAP, as it may only be a quick fix (like changing a broken dip tube) or it may be a problem with the heating element or even the gas line.

Call the professionals on our team as soon as you notice any unusual behavior from your water heater in Denver, CO. Contact APC Plumbing & Heating today!


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