The Role of an Anode Rod in Protecting Your Water Heater

If someone were to ask you what the most important appliance in your home is, how would you answer? Many homeowners would go with their water heaters—this is a true workhorse in your home, providing you with the hot water needed to shower, wash dishes, do laundry, and much more. And if you’re using the traditional storage tank water heater to do all this, then you depend a lot on a component you may not even be aware of—the anode rod.

The anode rod present in your tank water heater is likely not something you’ve heard of before, but it provides an essential function in protecting your tank water heater from harm. It doesn’t last forever, though, so it’s important that you know what condition yours is in, and whether you should call for Littleton, CO water heater services soon.

What the Anode Rod Is

This is the rod that resides in the tank of your water heater, and is most commonly composed of magnesium. This material breaks down more quickly than steel does, which is what water tanks are made of. Now, you may be asking why you’d want a magnesium rod breaking down within your water heater. Well, the anode rod breaks down and corrodes as it absorbs rust, so that your water heater tank won’t do it instead.

Protecting Your Water Heater

Steel is a very useful material. But any material, no matter how sturdy, is eventually going to rust when it’s combined with water over a long period of time. Tank water heater manufacturers understand this, so they’ve created a couple lines of defense to help your water heater last longer.

  • Glass Coating: Inside your tank, there is a glass coating—this lining prevents water from even coming into contact with the teal of the tank. But this lining doesn’t last forever—over time it begins to crack. When this occurs, the water within the tank the moves on to the steel that the water heater is composed of. This is when the second line of defense comes in…
  • The Anode Rod: This rod protects your water heater by reacting to the corrosive elements in the water more readily than steel does, so it is consumed by this material first. Therefore, your tank itself is protected from corrosion. Since the rod b + Add New Category reaks down over time, it also means that it won’t last forever. Keeping an efficient anode rod in place is vital to protecting your hot water tank, as once the tank starts to rust, your only option is to replace it.

Turn to Us to Keep Your Water Heater in Good Shape

Regular water heater maintenance is a worthwhile investment. If you don’t invest in tune-ups for your water heater on a routine basis, you should at least have your anode rod checked every few years. If yours is past a certain point of degradation, then our plumbers can replace it so that your water heater stays in good operational shape.

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