Tank or Tankless Water Heater: Which Is Right for Your Home?

Have you run into some trouble with your water heater? Are you looking for an efficient replacement system? While there are a great number of different water heaters available for you to choose from, most fall into two categories: tank or tankless. Storage tank water heaters are the type you are probably most used to seeing, with a large tank that stores water for use in advance. Tankless heaters have some advantages over this design, but which is right for you will depend on many factors. Let’s take a look at both.

Tankless Water Heaters

The main advantage of a tankless water heater over a storage tank water heater is its ability to save energy. A tankless system heats up the water instantly as it passes through the unit, rather than keeping a tank heated all day. This eliminates any standby energy loss associated with keeping a system on through the day when you only need hot water a handful of times. Tankless heaters are also smaller in size. And, because there are no limitations on capacity, you won’t have to worry about running out of hot water if you are filling up a tub. (For frequent use of multiple hot water taps at once, however, a second unit may be necessary).

Storage Tank Water Heater

Although a tankless system offers many benefits, a storage tank is still preferable for many homeowners. One major reason is that they are less expensive initially. Tankless water heaters can save money, but the amount of time it takes to make up for the extra initial cost may not be worth it for some. Storage tank water heaters may deliver hot water a bit faster, and they are generally quite reliable.

The best way to tell which type of water heater is right for you is to speak with a professional. Schedule water heater installation with the experts at APC Plumbing & Heating in Denver, CO.


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