Signs Your Furnace Is Calling Out for Help

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Signs Your Furnace Is Calling Out for Help

It would be really great if when something was wrong, our furnaces could tell us what it was and then self-repair, right? While technology might make the former a possibility eventually, the latter will just never happen.

And the fact of the matter is, over the years and thanks to wear and tear, your furnace will have repair needs. It’s important that you scheduling routine maintenance every year to help reduce the risk of these repair needs growing into breakdowns or safety hazards. But even with maintenance, repair needs can crop up and surprise you—so it’s a good idea to know the signs.

Consider the following signs indicators that your furnace is calling out to you for help, and then call us to provide that help.

Sign #1: You’re Having Trouble Getting Warm

One of the most apparent indicators that something is wrong with your furnace is that you simply can’t get or stay warm. The colder temperatures we experience here in Arvada or the surrounding communities mean that we need great heaters to match. Nobody wants to come home after a chilly day, after all, to be met with a failing heater, nor do they want to stay bundled up with layers inside their homes.

Sign #2: There Is an Upward Trend with Your Heating Bills

It’s only natural that your energy bills go up a bit in the wintertime as you use your heater more and more. What shouldn’t happen, however, is that you see a significant spike compared to what you paid last year for similar demand. Be sure to look at your past bills and do a comparison. You might even want to find out what your neighbors are paying for similar use and do a cost-comparison that way, too.

Sign #3: Your Furnace System is Short-Cycling

Is your heater starting up and shutting down in rapid succession? This process is called short-cycling, and not only is it a symptom of an existing problem, but it can cause future problems, as well. Short-cycling can be caused by an electrical short somewhere in your furnace, a miscalibrated thermostat, or even an incorrectly sized or installed furnace to begin with. The latter will cause short-cycling right away, so you can rule this out if your furnace is older and the short-cycling is a new problem.

Sign #4: Loud or Alarming Noises

Have you discovered odd sounds coming from your furnace? Some common troubling noises include things like banging, screeching, intense rattling, grating, and clicking. Depend on what the sound is, the problem can range from something minor like a motor bearing that needs lubrication to something more major like a cracked heat exchanger. Give us a call if you notice anything out of the ordinary!

Sign #5: Your Furnace is 10-15 Years Old

Even with diligent maintenance, the average furnace is designed to last about 10-15 years. After that point, the above-mentioned problems are a lot more likely, and it typically makes more financial sense to invest in a high-efficiency replacement than costly repairs.

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