Signs of Heat Pump Damage

It’s only getting colder, and as it does you’re likely depending on your heat pump more and more often each day to keep you and your home comfortable. Increased demands mean more stress on the system, which also means there’s a larger chance that a problem will develop.

The sooner you catch an issue, the more damage you can prevent. Keep a watchful eye out for the following signs that your heat pump needs help.

A Drop in Output

A sudden decrease in heating output is never a positive sign. There are a variety of causes for this to occur with your heat pump. It is possible that you have a leak within the refrigerant line, which drains the fluid that your heat pump needs to function.

Another possible cause for this issue is that there is ice building up on the outside of your heat pump, which prevents it from properly siphoning thermal energy. If your heat pump refuses to heat at all, there is a chance that the reversing valve is stuck or broken, which can lock the system in cooling mode.

Odd Sounds

If you’ve been using a heat pump for awhile now, you’re likely well acquainted with the various noises it usually makes. Strange sounds are an indication that something is wrong with the system. Grinding noises are an indication that the air handler motor is overheating, while hissing or gurgling sounds indicate air bubbles in the refrigerant line.

This is a sign of a bigger problem—a leak. The source of the leak needs to be found and repaired, plus a professional will need to see if the leak has caused any other related damage. Any sound that seems out of the ordinary should immediately warrant a visit from a professional technician.

If your Littleton, CO heat pump needs repairs, then simply contact APC Plumbing & Heating! We have someone in your neighborhood today.


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