Signs It May Be Time to Schedule a Drain Cleaning


Many homeowners believe that drain cleaning is something that only needs to be done if you have a clog completely blocking your water line. This is not the case, though. A proper and thorough drain cleaning can actually help prevent larger problems down the line, and the faster you respond to a drain cleaning needs, the better off your plumbing will be. How do you know if you need a cleaning though? Keep reading for some of the most common signs.

Slow Drains

Drain clogs form over time, as waste builds up on the walls of your drain pipes. The more this accumulates, the more the flow of water through the drain will be restricted. If your drain starts to work more and more slowly, then you most likely need a drain cleaning (though you could also have a leak somewhere that’s restricting the water pressure). If you act quickly, you may be able to prevent further damage.

Bad Odors

As waste builds up on the walls of your pipes, it may very likely start to give off a foul odor. This is particularly true of kitchen sink drains, which are subjected to many more different types of waste than bathroom sinks. If you discover a bad smell coming from one or more of your drains, then it is time to schedule drain cleaning ASAP.

Frequent Clogs

Have you found yourself the victim of frequent drain clogs? You may have tried to remedy this with store-bought drain cleaner, to no avail. Unfortunately, these drain cleaners are not professional-grade and can not only be corrosive, but can also create clogs rather than relieve them. If your DIY drain cleaning solutions seem to be insufficient, then give our team a call.

To get in touch with a plumbing professional in your Aurora, CO neighborhood today to schedule a drain cleaning, give APC Plumbing & Heating a call. 


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