Remodeling Yo ur Bathroom? Consider These Tips

Spring is upon us, and soon enough temperatures will begin to warm up enough to remind us to prep our homes for summer. This means insuring that your AC system is tune-up and that your gutters are cleared for any summer rains we might experience—but it’s also the perfect time for home remodeling projects. A bathroom remodel seems to be among the most popular of these projects, and it’s definitely best not to try a task like this without a pro.

Doing a bathroom model on your own could lead to damaged plumbing in Aurora, CO, and even potentially incorrect installations, which we’ll get to below. What you need is to have a qualified plumber on your side, which is where we come in. We’re happy to share some tips with you to help you make educated choices about your bathroom remodel and what to expect when you set forth to begin the project. Keep reading to learn more!

Avoiding Common Bathroom Plumbing Installation Mistakes

The biggest reason we say it’s important to hire a professional is so that you don’t make any mistakes with your bathroom plumbing installations. The following are a couple common problems that inexperienced “DIY” enthusiasts run into.

  • Not Slanting the Shower Floor Correctly. The shower floor must be tilted correctly toward the drain so you won’t be stuck standing in a puddle at the end of your shower.
  • Installing the Wrong Sized Toilet. The opening in your bathroom floor where the toilet is installed is called a rough-in. While there is a standard size for rough-ins in modern homes, older homes have larger spaces and require larger toilets, as a result.

Other Factors to Consider with Your Bathroom Remodel

Was your home constructed prior to 1970? If so, and if you’ve never had your pipes checked, there’s a chance that they’ve aged to the point that they need replacing. The good news is that during a bathroom remodel, your pipes will already be exposed, making it far easier to replace them than it would be at any other time. We can check your whole plumbing system, too, to see if you’d benefit from whole-house repiping.

Two other factors include:

  • Setting a Realistic Budget: There are a number of features, both big and small, that you might consider when determining how to go about your bathroom remodel. For instance, if you plan moving any fixtures—such as your toilet, or kitchen sink—or if you want a larger toilet than the rough-in available to you, then the cost may be higher. Each plumbing fixture in your bathroom has to be accurately fitted and aligned with the space where they’re installed, so prior adjustments and construction may be necessary to make room.
  • Consider Efficiency. The phrase energy efficiency probably conjures up ideas of making sure you don’t run your electrical appliances any more than you need to, and replacing all your lightbulbs with LED fixtures. This is an important part of saving energy, but water is another resource that is commonly wasted—but doesn’t have to be. You can contribute to reduced water consumption and use by looking for low-flow showerheads, low-flush toilets, and other plumbing appliances that work to decrease water use.

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