Preventing a Few Common Plumbing Problems

common plumbing problems

Common plumbing problems are some of the most inconvenient issues to infiltrate a home, potentially leaving you without any water in one or more faucets and often creating a health hazard. Plumbing leaks must be fixed fast to prevent mold growth and water damage. Drain clogs should be tended to ASAP so as to stop sewage from backing up into the home. We want to help you prevent such common plumbing issues. Read our guide to some installations and techniques for prevention.

Drain Clogs

  • Use the garbage disposal, but avoid putting certain items down the drain. Hard items cannot drain into the sewer line properly. Fats, oils and grease create residue that can allow debris to collect. Pasta may expand in the drains and lead to sewage backup.
  • Add a drain cover to your bathtub to catch hair and other items.
  • Schedule drain and sewer cleaning with a professional plumber each year to eliminate residue and prevent drains from filling with any more debris.

Pipe Leaks

The majority of homes in the U.S. have some sort of plumbing leak. Schedule a pipeline inspection with a plumber on a regular basis, especially if your pipes are several decades old. A plumber can examine your entire plumbing system and make sure that your pipes are in good condition or recommend repairs if there is a leak or if your pipes are at risk. We also recommend that you install an automatic shutoff valve so that a burst pipe does not do too much damage to your home.

Frozen Outdoor Faucets

Disconnect your garden hose early on in the fall season to prevent freeze breaks from happening later in the fall. Detach and store your garden hose. Shut off the water valve that leads to the outdoor faucets. Then, open the tap to drain out the water remaining in the faucet so that this does not freeze as temperatures drop and force the faucet to break.

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