Plumbing Installations to Make Your Life Easier

Is it time for a plumbing upgrade? You may have everything you need to bring water into the home, but if you’re missing any of these optional upgrades (or necessities, in some cases), your plumbing system may not function to its full potential. Consider a new sump pump or garbage disposal to make your plumbing system more convenient and efficient.

Sump Pump Plumbing Upgrade

Are you protected in the event of a flood? In your home, a flood could be disastrous, as you may need to make major home renovations, remediate a mold problem, replace valuable items and electronics, and deal with a big mess. A sump pump goes into a pit in the lowest portion of your basement, so that water flooding your basement easily moves into it. The pump then moves water to an outside drain using an impeller to force it out of the pit. A professional should install this pump to make sure it operates properly and is in the proper location.

Garbage Disposal

Without a working garbage disposal, you risk a lot. Food can easily make its way into the pipes and form annoying clogs. A garbage disposal is a necessary installation these days if you want to make sure your drain pipes are protected, and garbage disposal installation should not be a major hassle either.

Call the professionals at Aurora Plumbing Company for sump pump and garbage disposal installation, or a general plumbing upgrade in Denver, CO, or for any additional plumbing services.


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