Need a New AC? Factors to Consider

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Need a New AC? Factors to Consider

If you’re shopping for a new cooling system this time of the year, chances are you’re in a bit of a rush to find it. The problem is, rushing into a purchase likes this leaves the process open to mistakes. What kind of mistakes?

For starters, you may end up with an air conditioner that is not properly sized for your home. Sure, you already know you shouldn’t get one that’s too small for your home, but did you know it could be just as bad to get a system that’s too large for your home? It’s detrimental to system efficiency, in fact. We’ll get into that more below, as well as some other factors you should consider when purchasing a new air conditioner.

Keeping these factors in mind will help you tremendously in the long run. Let’s ensure that your air conditioning installation service goes on without a hitch.

Yes, Size Matters

Truly, it does. Many homeowners are tempted to buy the biggest air conditioner for their budget. The issue with this is that the system will struggle to do its job, going through a process called short-cycling.

Short-cycling is when an air conditioner (or forced-air heater for that matter) turns on briefly, only to turn back off a couple of minutes later and come back on again shortly. It never actually completes a full cooling cycle as this occurs, and therefore it just perpetuates the problem.

Air conditioners are meant to work in even intervals, about 15 minutes at a time. And they use the most energy starting up. Therefore, the more your air conditioner short-cycles, the more electricity it eats up, and the more you pay for ineffective and inefficient operation.

Going Ductless May Benefit Your Home!

Have you ever considered going ductless? Perhaps you’ve always had a traditional split-system central air conditioner, and you don’t see the point of changing. But there are a couple reasons you might want to consider going ductless!

First off, if you have aging ductwork that’s experienced damage or pinhole leaks over the years, you can completely eliminate the problems associated with this by having a ductless HVAC system installed. Secondly, ductless systems operate on heat pump technology. This means they not only cool your home in the summer but provide sufficient heating in the winter too.

The setup of a ductless system allows for individualized comfort and control. There is a single outdoor unit hooked up to at the most, 4 indoor air handlers. Each air handler has its own thermostat, which allows the members of your household to personalize their comfort.

Professional AC Installation Is Key

Only a trained and experienced professional will know all the intricacies involved in installing a new air conditioner. We safely and effectively remove the old system without damaging any connected components, make the electrical and ductwork connections safely, and test the system before we leave to make sure it’s working as it should. This is the kind of service you’ll never get from an amateur or enthusiastic “DIYer.”

Call the Denver AC experts at Aurora Plumbing Company today for professional air conditioning installation services in Denver, CO. Check out our Google Reviews, too.


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