My Air Conditioner Is Making Too Much Noise!

As we’ve already progressed well into summer, you’ve more than likely been using your air conditioning system on a very consistent basis. Hopefully in doing so, you haven’t run into any detrimental problems. Of course if you have, our expertly trained and licensed technicians are here to help you out, but how do you know for certain it’s even time to call for AC repairs?

Noise complaints are one of the most frequent service calls we get. Of course, your air conditioner is never going to be completely silent; such an AC system doesn’t exist. But an unfamiliar noise is more often than not a sign that something unusual is happening with your AC system. Below we’ve listed a few particular noises you should be aware of.


The most common reason for a hissing sound coming from your outdoor unit is a refrigerant leak. This refrigerant—a heat transfer fluid—enables your AC system to actually cool the air in your home. The refrigerant is evaporated within the evaporator coil, absorbing heat in the process, and then going to the condenser unit and shedding its heat before restarting the process. Suffice to say, refrigerant is vital to the functionality of your air conditioner.


No matter what type of mechanical system you’re dealing with, you never want to hear excessive banging. You may hear some during times that your ductwork is expanding and contracting with temperature fluctuations, however if this noise continues as your AC runs throughout the day, then you likely have a loose component or a bent fan blade.


Most often, a clicking sound is the sign of an electrical issue. This problem can be a relay or a failing capacitor, or any number of other issues. Be sure to get a clicking sound checked no matter what you may think the cause is.

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