Prevent Furnace Problems This Winter with Maintenance

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If you’ve ever had HVAC service done by our team before, then you’ve probably already heard our recommendation that you have maintenance done twice a year—once for your air conditioning system and once for your heater. After all, maintenance is the only way to prevent furnace problems down the line. We understand this can be an easy suggestion to dismiss—why spend money that you don’t necessarily want to? Well, because not doing so could leave you spending a lot more in surprise emergency repairs, instead, in addition to other potential problems.

As HVAC specialists, we believe it’s a huge part of our duty to tell you why routine preventive maintenance is so important, particularly during this time of the year, when the temperatures are cooling and you’re preparing to turn on your heater for the first time. And especially if that heater is a gas-powered furnace. Keep reading to learn more about how HVAC maintenance can not only prevent furnace repair in Denver, CO, but also make your heating system safer and longer lasting overall.

What Exactly Is Maintenance?

You probably have maintenance done on your car, right? Well, hopefully you do. HVAC maintenance does for your furnace or heating system what auto maintenance does for your vehicle. It allows our technicians to thoroughly inspect the machine, comprehensively clean it, make adjustments, and alert you to any repair needs that exist. This maintenance takes special equipment and a certain level of experience and training to be able to do safely and effectively.

During your furnace maintenance appointment, our technicians will probably make some adjustments that will help improve the performance of your system overall. However, it is possible that you may have failing components or major problems within the system that require a repair call at a later date.

What Does Maintenance Do for Your Comfort and Safety?

One main reason you should schedule both heating and AC maintenance each year is for your comfort. Over the years, your climate control systems tend to get less and less effective, as the components wear down, just like they would in your car or any other system or piece of machinery you use on a routine basis.

Maintenance is typically best scheduled in the fall for your heating system and the spring for your AC, before you’ll need these systems the most. By ensuring these systems are tuned up, they run more smoothly, which means your home is heated or cooled more effectively and efficiently.

As for safety, and this is particularly pertinent with gas-powered heaters, maintenance makes sure that nothing has gone amiss with your system, exposing you to dangerous gas leaks. A cracked heat exchanger, for example, will do just this—and this is a risk with aging systems. During your maintenance appointment, though, we will check for this and make sure your furnace is in proper shape so you don’t have to worry about this danger.

What a Tune-Up Does for Your Wallet

Most homeowners finally decide to schedule a maintenance session for their heater when they discover how much money it will save them. Yes, it costs money to have maintenance done, but the way you save could offset this initial investment by:

  • Reducing your monthly bills with a heater that retains 95% of its efficiency throughout most of its lifespan.
  • Potentially extending the lifespan of your heater, delaying replacement for months or even a year or two.
  • Saving on emergency repairs and preventing major system breakdowns.

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