It’s Not Too Late: Schedule Heating Maintenance Today!

Think of the last time you had to call in a technician to fix your heater. More than likely, it happened on a particularly cold day, when the heater was working its hardest. You had to drop what you were doing and mess with the controls for a while, before finally deciding it was time to call a technician.

While we try to keep you as comfortable as possible during the repair process, we know that most people do not want to deal with a heating system breakdown ever, if possible. Regular heating maintenance visits can help to delay problems and put the system in even better condition than it was before!

The Process of Maintenance

When a technician shows up to your home for a heating maintenance visit, they do a few things that help to determine if there are any issues and put the system into top shape.

  • Cleaning: The technician may clean the coils on the outside unit of a heat pump, or the inside components of a blower assembly, if necessary.
  • Adjustment: Some of the settings may need adjustment, or certain parts fine-tuned so that the unit runs smoothly and efficiently.
  • Inspection: A thorough inspection helps you to learn about problems that need repair now, so that you’re not dealing with a broken-down heater later.

When to Schedule a Maintenance Visit

We typically recommend heating system maintenance in the fall so that your heater is ready for the winter ahead. However, it’s not too late. Your heating system deserves the attention of a professional so that you feel confident it is running safely. Besides, maintenance visits help to knock money off of your monthly bills, so it might be worth it to see savings for the next couple of months.

Call APC Plumbing & Heating for heating maintenance services in Denver, CO. We have someone in your neighborhood today.


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