Is Your Furnace in Need of Service?

We want to make sure that homeowners get services for their heating systems in time, so that a sudden heating system breakdown doesn’t leave them in the cold. Scheduling maintenance early on in the season and seeking services for repairs as soon as there is a problem can help to make things a lot less stressful in the long run. Here’s how you can tell it’s time to repair or maintain your heating system.

When should I schedule maintenance?

In order to avoid trouble with your heater, we recommend that you schedule professional maintenance at least once a year. A professional tune-up includes an adjustment of some of the key components of your system, as well as a thorough inspection. If anything is in need of repair, your technician will let you know so that you can schedule repairs before a sudden breakdown.

We usually recommend this service before the heating season begins, as it also ensures the performance and safety of your system, and could improve efficiency. But it’s not too late to schedule maintenance with a technician, especially if it’s been over a year since you have had it checked.

When is it time for repairs?

If your furnace has broken down completely, then you should first see that the thermostat is not out of batteries, or that it hasn’t accidentally been switched off or put into cooling mode. You can also try the circuit breaker if you suspect electrical troubles. But if you frequently have to reset your tripped circuit breaker, you should call in a technician to check for issues within the system.

For your safety, your system, and your monthly bills, get in touch with a local heating contractor as soon as you notice an issue. This includes anything from odd noises to low temperatures to a longer than average start-up time. A broken heater will not get better on its own, and the parts may wear down significantly, affecting your bills and the extent of the final repair.

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