Is Your Air Conditioner Short-Cycling? Here’s Why!

Summer is officially here and boy do we know it! Temperatures have certainly crept up in recent weeks. Hopefully, you haven’t run into any detrimental problems with your air conditioner this season. But if you have noticed any troubling symptoms, it could be time to call for repairs.

One of the most common AC problems we hear of today is a system that cycles on and off rapidly while inefficiently cooling the home that it is in. This process, called short-cycling, can occur in a poorly installed air conditioner or even a well-maintained system. As advanced and complex as these systems have become, they are not invulnerable.

What Short-Cycling Is

If your AC system can’t complete its full cooling cycle after the compressor comes on, then it will short-cycle. Basically, this means that your air conditioning system will prematurely shut off the compressor, but turn it back on again a short time later, repeating that process continually.

When this occurs, your AC system is essentially locked into its start-up cycle. This not only drains a huge amount of power and wasted energy, but it also puts your air conditioner’s components under unnecessary stress—particularly the compressor. When this happens, the compressor is very likely to burn out, and can cause a full AC system breakdown.

But What Causes Short-Cycling?

As we mentioned above, poor installation can result in short-cycling. What we mean by this is that if your HVAC technician did not appropriately size the unit before installing it in your home, then it can go through this short-cycling process. For this reason, you should only trust a licensed and expertly trained technician to handle your air conditioning services.

Keep in mind though, even the most professionally installed air conditioner is not immune to short-cycling. Your system might be leaking refrigerant or have a frozen evaporator coil. Short-cycling even happens sometimes if you have a clogged filter or a improperly functioning thermostat. If you are experiencing short-cycling, or suspect that you are, it’s best to call for repairs as soon as you can.

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