Is It Time to Replace Your Air Conditioning System?

Eventually, any air conditioner will wear down to the point that it is no longer operational. But most experts recommend taking care of air conditioning replacement before a complete system breakdown. Replacing an air conditioner before its time is up can save you money, and your new system will perform a lot better than one that is over a decade old. Here’s some quick advice on when is a good time for replacement over repairs.

  • Old Age – The age of your air conditioner is not necessarily an indication of its performance. But chances are that if your system is around 10 – 15 years, it’s not running anywhere near as well as the new air conditioner your neighbors just installed. Check your manufacturer’s estimated lifespan to find out the recommended time for replacing your unit, particularly if you are noticing issues.
  • Inefficiency – Perhaps the most frustrating part about running an air conditioner is the high energy bills in the summer, particularly for aging systems. Regular maintenance should help an AC to maintain about 95% of its efficiency, but when efficiency starts dropping for good, air conditioning replacement is a good option. You can choose a new system that is highly rated for efficiency and performance if you want to make sure that your new AC helps you to save money over its lifespan.
  • Frequent, Costly Repairs – Replacing a smaller electrical component from time to time is not too big of a deal, but an air conditioner that requires multiple costly repairs over a year or two may not be worth the fix. At some point, replacing a motor or making any other major repair will only act as a patch to cover up a larger issue: that the AC system is finally failing for good. Replace the whole system rather than replacing or repairing each part piece by piece if you don’t want to spend thousands more than is necessary.

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