How You Can Save Money on Your Water Heater Bills

Your water heater is one of the biggest energy wasters in your home. Those large tank water heaters have to remain running at all times of day even though you only really need hot water for brief periods of the day. But how can you reduce your energy dependence when it comes to this fixture you cannot imagine being without?

Use Less Heat

Cutting down on the amount of heat you use can be difficult, but worth it.

  • Insulate the Tank: Often, water heaters have covers custom designed to keep heat from escaping the system. Follow your manufacturer’s instructions if you go this route.
  • Insulate the Pipes: Pipe sleeves can prevent heat from escaping and keep pipes from freezing. You could even just use some newspaper!
  • Lower the Temperature: You can lower the temperature on the water heater to 120 degrees and still stay warm.
  • Use a Timer: Electric water heaters are some of the biggest energy wasters, but you can use a timer that turns it off at night.

Schedule Maintenance

Tank water heaters can develop mineral deposits that make it run less efficiently—not to mention the noise you’ll eventually hear as these deposits rumble around in the tank. Keep your water heater running more efficiently with annual maintenance visits, during which technicians flush out the tank and rid it of mineral deposits, along with an inspection.


You may decide that upgrading your water heater is the best choice for your energy bills, and it’s a good idea if your water heater is a couple of decades old. Upgrade to a tankless water heater for a system that does waste energy throughout the day. Or consider a hybrid water heater that uses less energy without compromising your comfort. You can even get a solar water heater and start reducing your dependence on the city’s power.

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