How to Get Your Swamp Cooler Ready for Winter

It’s important to winterize your evaporative cooler (also known as a swamp cooler) each fall in order to prevent freezing, keep mold and mildew from developing, and possibly prolong the lifespan of your system. Follow our tips so that you won’t have to worry about any urgent service needs in the spring.

Disconnect the Water Line from the Cooler

First, unplug or disconnect your swamp cooler, and then locate the valve that supplies water to the system. Shut this valve off, and disconnect the water line from the supply valve and from the cooler. Then, make sure that water is emptied from the valve completely. If any water remains in the valve, it can freeze and cause the line to crack and break.

Drain the Water from the System

Now it’s time to get all of the remaining water out of the evaporative cooler. You may be able to open up a drain valve at the bottom of the drain pan. But in order to do a thorough job, you might want to open up one side of the swamp cooler in order to find the rest of the water and soak it up with sponges. This can greatly reduce the chances that your system will become damaged over the winter.

Prepare It for Spring

While you are winterizing your swamp cooler, it may be a good idea to clean it off as well, using sponges or even a shop vac to clean up dirt and minerals. If you have a swamp cooler cover, use it! You can also use a tarp to cover up your swamp cooler for the winter, or check your manufacturer’s website to see if you can purchase one separately.

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