How to Find a Hidden Plumbing Leak

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Leaks are probably among the most insidious enemies to your plumbing system, and therefore, your home. What is it about leaks that are so terrible? Well, there are a few reasons they are so ominous. First off, even a plumbing leak that you might call relatively “minor,” such as a dripping faucet, can actually waste gallons of water over time. They trick you into thinking they aren’t a big deal, but the costs of wasted water will eventually add up.

And then there are bigger leaks—ones that can waste a lot of water and do extensive damage to your property. These types of leaks often develop behind walls or beneath flooring (and subsequently above ceilings) and can do a considerable amount of damage before you even notice one. Since so much of your plumbing is hidden, and because leaks can form literally anywhere along your pipes, it’s essential that you know how to spot them. Once you do locate (or suspect) a leak, you’ll want to call for professional plumbing in Littleton, CO. So, how do you know when you’re plumbing system has sprung a leak?

Keep a Close Watch on Your Water Bill

Spotting water leaks ASAP is understandably important. But where do you start looking? Well, your water bill. In many cases, a leak can exist for quite some time before being discovered. This doesn’t mean it isn’t causing issues though, just because you don’t know it’s there.

Yes, you might not have a bubbling floor or a wall that’s caving in due to excess moisture, but the dampness created by even a “minor” leak can lead to problems with mold and mildew growth, and more. So if you notice your water bills going up, know how important it is that you have leak detection services done so we can pinpoint the exact source and location of your leak.

Listen for Running Water

Whether it’s a wooshing sound or a bubbling one, you know when you hear water running. The problem is when you hear water running through your plumbing system even though you don’t have any plumbing appliances running or toilets filling their tank. Pinpointing the source of this kind of leak before it actually does any damage is, like the above example, imperative. So give our team a call when your ears tip you off to a possible issue!

Smell for Odd or Foul Odors

Does your home have a musty odor? If so, it may be due to damp conditions that you probably won’t be able to see. Remember, one of the biggest concerns with water leaks is the potential for biological pollutants to thrive—not just the physical damage that can result from water exposure.

So if you smell a mildew odor in your home, it may very well be a water leak, particularly if it’s paired with any of the above-listed symptoms. Another odor to never ignore is the smell of sewage. If you smell this coming from your drains, you likely have a backup. If you smell it from your yard, you may even have a sewer line leak.

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