How to Choose a New Toilet for a Home

Buying a new toilet can help you to save water and reduce your monthly utilities. New toilets use less water per flush because they flush at a higher pressure rather than with a higher volume. And if you were experiencing issues with your older toilet, a professionally-installed, brand new unit will make your life easier.

But this doesn’t mean you should choose just any toilet when it comes the time to replace an older one. You want this one to last for a while, so look for a toilet with all of the features you need.


You may think that all toilets are around the same size, but even a little bit of extra space can make a big difference. Elongated toilet bowls and seats might be more comfortable, extending further from the wall to give you more room to sit. However, a smaller toilet bowl might be a better pick for you if you have less space available in your bathroom. You can also choose a taller toilet for ease-of-use.

Flushing Style

Any new toilet on the market sold in the U.S. is going to save water over one that was installed years ago. But some flushing systems are even more efficient than others. Dual flush technology puts two buttons on top of the toilet. One releases 1.6 gallons of water per flush, the requirement for new toilets in this country. One releases .08 gallons of water per flush, to save even more.


You can even choose toilets with different aesthetic features than your average two-piece tank and bowl set. Some integrate the toilet and the tank together for a seamless finish that makes it easier to clean. You can get a toilet with a bidet, and you can upgrade to a more comfortable seat as well.

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