How Plumbers Find Leaks in Your Home

Unless leaks spring from underneath your sink or from a pipe in the garage, they are often difficult to see. Most of your plumbing remains hidden behind walls and floors so your house looks attractive. This does have the disadvantage of making it harder to find where leaks are occurring, or to even know they are happening until you notice water stains, warped floorboards, and high water bills.

However, professional plumbers are skilled and equipped to find all the hidden leaks inside your house. Plumbers use leak detection to pinpoint where they need to work, and they help ensure that the minimal amount of damage (if any) will need to be done to your home’s building material to reach the problematic pipe.

APC Plumbing & Heating has taken care of household water leaks since 1984, and we have the tools and the training necessary to get rid of the breaches in your plumbing. Call for our Denver, CO plumbers today! (And we mean today: don’t let leaks continue a second longer than they have to!)

How Leak Detection Works

Leak detection is a combination of plumbing know-how and high-end equipment operation. It’s an ideal merger of training and technology.

When plumbers first come to a home to s for leaks, they will hunt for visual clues that narrow down the search area and their knowledge of plumbing layout. Once they have found the general region of a leaking pipe, there are a number of tools they can use to make a more precise determination.

The first are acoustical devices, such as listening discs and ground microphones. These enhance sound and allow plumbers to hear the escape of water from a pipe buried even beneath concrete. The plumbers’ trained listening will assist them with finding the leaking spot.

The set of tools are scanners that look for high pressure areas and temperature changes. Water escaping from a pipe within a wall or under a slab will cause an increase in pressure as well as temperature changes, and these scanners can locate them with near pinpoint accuracy.

The final tool is video inspection equipment. A miniaturized camera mounted on fiber-optic cables snakes down drainpipes and sends back a video feed of the pipe interior to a monitor. Using this equipment, plumbers will not only locate the leak but discover its size and how best to fix it. These cameras remove much of the guesswork from pipe repairs.

Leak detection equipment is not consumer grade. Not only do the devices cost too much, but they require training to properly operate and interpret the results.

It’s far simpler for you to pick up the phone and call APC Plumbing & Heating and our team of plumbers in Denver, CO. Don’t procrastinate about those leaks: call us and we’ll come to the rescue on the double.


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