How Does High Elevation Affect My Plumbing?

We live in Denver, where the air is thin and the elevation is high. How does that elevation effect your plumbing? The atmospheric conditions here in the Mile High City have the propensity to affect a number of appliances and household features that people in lower elevation don’t need to deal with. For example, during the initial flat-screen TV boom about a decade ago, we didn’t see a lot of plasma screen TVs in Denver because the gases required to make the technology work will expand in higher levels. Technological advances have since overcome the issue, but the principles remain the same.

“So How Does High Elevation Affect My Plumbing?” You Ask

Air pressure in high altitudes is lower than it is further down the mountain. Pressurized bags, such as those that carry potato chips, can often burst as the air inside the bag presses against the lower-pressure air outside. Water doesn’t have the same problems, though the pressure does affect its boiling point and hence how hot water is dealt with.  Water boils at about 203 degrees Fahrenheit here, ten degrees lower than it would in Los Angeles or New York. That can leave some foods uncooked, since people sometimes assume that the boiling water is hotter than it is.

The good news is that Denver has been around for a long time, which means that plumbers and building specialists have had a long time to work on the problem. Kitchens often include pressure cookers, for instance, while hot water heaters can be set slightly higher to compensate for the lower boiling point. Beyond that, however, plumbing and piping differ little from the plumbing found in lower elevations, which means that plumber can use the same skills and techniques to fix any problems that arise.

And regardless of how high elevation affects your plumbing, the right plumbing service should be able to handle any problem. Professional plumbing services in Denver can be provided by APC Plumbing & Heating.

If you’re experiencing difficulties with your system, give us a call. We’ll solve the problem with professionalism and pride, and we won’t rest until you’re satisfied with our work!


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