How Does Ductless Heating Work?

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Ductless heating systems used to be favored almost exclusively by apartment complexes and small businesses. Areas that did not need warm air to be transported further than one or two rooms. It wouldn’t make sense to install central heating in such areas, so ductless heaters were used as an alternative. This is by no means the only use for ductless heaters, however. Recently, homeowners have been installing ductless heating as their main method for heating their homes. While it may seem counter-intuitive, ductless heating actually has quite a lot to offer a homeowner interested in installing a new home heating system. Let’s examine how ductless heating works, and how it can benefit you.

Ductless Heating Construction

A ductless system is constructed of two units, one installed inside the room and one installed outside of the house. These two units are connected by refrigerant and power lines. The inside unit is often mounted on a wall or the ceiling of the room that it is meant to heat, while the outside unit is installed on an exterior wall of the house. A thermostat can be installed in the room to control the system.


Ductless heating works like a heat pump, moving heat from one place to another instead of combusting fuel to create it. When the heat is turned on, the outside unit will siphon thermal energy from the air and into its refrigerant coil. It then sends the charged refrigerant to the unit inside the room, which releases the thermal energy into the air to heat it.

The primary reason that homeowners install ductless systems is the level of versatility that they provide. The lack of ducts means that each room will need to have its own system. Though this may seem expensive and needlessly complicated, it grants the ability to set a different climate for each room. This is something that a centralized heating system is not capable of doing. Ductless systems also avoid the nearly 30% of heat lost on average to duct leaks that central systems have to deal with. Thus, ductless systems both save energy and provide added options compared to other systems.

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