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Your indoor air quality is incredibly important to the comfort of your home, though it is often overshadowed by concerns about the proper temperature. While the latter is undoubtedly important, it is by no means the most significant factor when it comes to how easy you breathe in the home. When dust, dander and other debris build up inside your ductwork or throughout your home, you need to make certain that your HVAC system is well equipped to handle the removal of such contaminants effectively and efficiently. At Aurora Plumbing Company, we offer a number of different air filtration systems from leading names in the industry, and we not only install them from scratch, but we also repair and maintain them.

Don’t mess about with your indoor air quality. It’s just as important as that number on the thermostat. If you suspect that your home suffers from excessive levels of airborne contaminants, then you may want to consider a whole house air filtration system. We can take care of the details. Our NATE–certified technicians undergo continuous training to keep up with the latest technological developments and methods in the industry, and we are open 7 days a week. Family owned and operated since 1984, we continue to grow as a result of our commitment to customer satisfaction. Give us a call today to learn more about our air filtration system services in the Denver, CO area.

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How Does an Air Filtration System Work?

An air filtration system is a fairly straightforward device, and it uses the same basic principle as a portable air filter that you can purchase from any large hardware store. It uses a filtering medium, such as fiberglass, in order to capture particles as they enter your HVAC system. Once the air has been filtered, then it keeps moving through the system, thus leading to purified indoor air. There are a number of different whole house models on the market.

Make no mistake. Portable air filters are not the same thing. Whole house air filters allow for comprehensive coverage of your entire indoor air supply. While portable devices have to be lugged from room to room in order to improve your indoor air quality, a whole house air filtration system is integrated within your ductwork where it operates constantly. Let us find one for your home.

Benefits of Air Filtration in Denver, CO

The benefits of air filtration are clear. Because the modern home is tightly closed against the elements, indoor air can often be stuffy, stale or otherwise filled with particles of dust and other debris. The best way to remove such particles from the air is by supplementing your HVAC system with an air filtration system. However, it’s important that you reap the full benefits of such a system by ensuring you consult with an expert. We can make sure that the R–value of your filter is appropriate in order to avoid airflow inefficiency. You need just the right amount of filtration. We can provide it. Call Aurora Plumbing Company today to learn more about your indoor air quality options in Denver, CO.

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