Has Your Sewer Line Been Breached?

If there’s any part of your plumbing system you probably don’t give very much thought too, it’s probably your sewer line. The sewer pipe of your system collects wastewater from the drains in your home, and transports it under your property and front yard to the municipal sewer pipe in the center of the street. Until it reaches that point, the sewer line is your responsibility.

This means that if a blockage or breach occurs, you’ll need the assistance of a professional plumber to get your plumbing system back in working condition. And because your sewer line is out of sigh, it can be hard to detect that there actually is a breach in time to call for quick plumbing repairs. There are, fortunately, indicators you can watch out for, which we’ve highlighted below.

Drain Clogs throughout Your Home

If you have a single sink with a clog, then you’re probably dealing with a blocked drain pipe. However, when clogs and slow drains begin to happen in many different areas of your home, then something has probably gone wrong with the sewer line that has caused it to back up, such as a breach from a tree root, or dirt getting into the breaks.

Foul Sewer Smells

Your sewer line runs under the front of your property. Therefore, if you begin to smell unpleasant odors of sewage coming from your yard, then you very likely have a broken sewer line. You’ll also notice your yard becoming soggy, as it if was recently watered—though it will be much smellier!

Gurgling Noises

Perhaps you haven’t noticed drain clogging yet, however you hear gurgling sounds coming from your drains and toilets when water flows into them. This usually indicates that sewage and begun to back up along the pipe. Sewage gases that escape will bubble through the water, pressing down on them and creating this noise.

If you find yourself in need of quality sewer line repairs in Denver, CO, simply contact APC Plumbing & Heating. 


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