Getting the Most from Your Furnace at the End of Winter

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The official start of spring is just a short ways away, but that doesn’t mean we’re done dealing with winter temperatures here in the Littleton area. And while you might not be using your heating system as frequently now as you have in previous months, chances are you’d still like to use it as efficiently as possible when you do need it, throughout the remainder of the heating season.

The good news is, there are quite a few things you can do to boost the efficiency of your heater and save more money, that will cost little to nothing to implement, especially when you consider the costs of running your heating system. Here are some things you can try:

Upgrading Your Thermostat

This is a small component that you can upgrade to boost the efficiency of your furnace. You may not even realize what a big impact the thermostat can and does have on the rest of your HVAC system. While it is a tiny part of a much larger and complex system it’s one of the essential parts of heating operation. This device is what helps you communicate instructions to your heating and cooling systems, after all.

Even an upgrade to the most basic digital thermostat, or even better an upgrade to a programmable thermostat, can help boost efficiency and enjoy more affordable heating.

Install Weatherstripping

The heat from your furnace can escape through cracks in your doors and windows, which means you’re losing energy that you are paying for. Consider a very affordable investment in weatherstripping in order to seal up your windows and doors, to ensure that the heat in your home stays in your home.

Use Your Ceiling Fans!

Many homeowners are unaware of the benefits of using ceiling fans during the winter. Sure, we all know that ceiling fans can help keep us cool in the summer. But there is actually a switch near the center of the fan that allows the fan blades to go in reverse, and help more evenly distribute heated air to help boost the efficiency of forced air heating systems.

Schedule Maintenance

True this is a tip we usually provide at the beginning of heating season. After all, it’s beneficial to have your heater completely tuned-up before you need it the most. But what if you forgot or skipped maintenance this year? Well, it’s not too late!

It’s actually more important that you have heating maintenance done once a year than it is the time of the year you have it done. Professional maintenance allows our technicians to fully clean, inspect, and adjust components within your heater or furnace to help it perform at its best. It’s also during your maintenance session that our techs will make any necessary recommendations for repairs.

Handling these repair needs right away will ensure that your system will be in great shape next year, as well. Otherwise, you’ll just have a malfunctioning heater sitting in wait, to potentially be surprised by a heating system that doesn’t work altogether when you go to use it next fall.

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