The Time for Your Furnace Tune-Up Is Now

technician performing furnace maintenance

Temperatures are starting to drop, the leaves are beginning to change colors, and it’s becoming clear that we’re just about done with the summer heat and ready to turn our attention to cooler temps and heater use. This makes now the perfect time to schedule furnace maintenance! And trust us, this isn’t something you should wait on.

Below, we’ve delved into the importance of heating maintenance, in order to stress just why this service is so important. Read on to learn more, and give us a call when you’re ready for your next furnace tune-up.

Yes, You Really Need Maintenance

Sure, it’s possible that your furnace will make it through this winter without a maintenance tune-up, but it won’t likely be as efficient or operate as effectively as it could be. Maintenance is one of the best things you can do for your heater. When our professional technicians complete a tune-up, and when you keep up on any repairs recommended during those tune-ups, your system’s performance improves in a number of ways. You benefit in a number of ways, like:

  • Paying less for your energy bills.
  • Calling for heating system repairs less often.
  • Having a heating system that lasts longer.

“Do Brand New Furnaces Need Maintenance?”

If your furnace was installed this year, it should have received the service necessary at that time to make it through this heating season. But if you’re talking about a “new” furnace that’s 1-5 years old, you might think it doesn’t need service—but this is the furthest from the truth.

Even if your furnace was installed a year ago, it will benefit greatly from professional maintenance. It’s worth noting, some warranties aren’t even valid anymore if you don’t have your system professionally maintained once a year. Maintenance helps minimize wear and tear, and helps reduce the chances of a sudden breakdown.

“Is There a Perfect Time to Schedule Furnace Maintenance?”

Generally speaking, the best time to have your furnace maintenance done is in the fall, before you need your system the most. It always pays to be prepared, and the sooner your schedule your furnace maintenance, the better off you’ll be.

A complete system inspection of your furnace might reveal that there is a repair you need before you can run your heater safely. Scheduling your furnace maintenance far enough in advance gives you adequate time to schedule that repair.

All that said, there’s really no “bad” time to schedule heating maintenance, so long as it hasn’t completely broken down. Fall is the most convenient time due to the milder weather and the busy-ness of HVAC technicians, but it’s more important that you have this service done on a regular basis—once a year—than it is you have it done strictly in the fall.

We understand why homeowners might hesitate to invest in this service. It’s not free, of course, and it can be relatively time-consuming if any problems are found. But it’s best to find problems now before they turn into much bigger catastrophes, and, in the long run maintenance will help you save considerably on your heating costs due to greater efficiency.

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