Heed These Signs of a Furnace in Disrepair

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Cold weather is here, in case you weren’t already very aware of the chillier temperatures. Sure, our snow levels have been down, but that will be changing very soon and when it does, you’ll be very grateful for an effective and efficient heating system. We hope that you scheduled routine maintenance before the heating season began, to ensure that your furnace is in good shape to get you through this winter.

If not, however, it’s never too late. Now is also the perfect time—whether you’ve had maintenance or not—to keep your eyes and ears out for potential Denver, CO furnace repair needs. True, it’s already winter, but spotting problems now allows you to schedule repairs quickly before we reach the dead of winter.

Don’t Diagnose Furnace Problems on Your Own

We’re happy to share tips with you on how to discover if your furnace is suffering, but it’s also important to remember that without the right training and experience, you can do more harm than good to your furnace by trying to diagnose and repair problems all on your own.

Many symptoms of a malfunctioning furnace have multiple potential sources, and formal training is required to give an accurate assessment. But if you do spot one of the following basic signs that something is wrong with your furnace, you can give our pros a call and we’ll be out there ASAP to inspect your system and make the appropriate repairs.

But what symptoms should you look for?

Low Heat Levels

Have you ever noticed that the air coming from your furnace vents is less warm than usual, maybe even room temperature? If the air is warm but not quite as warm as you’re expecting, then it’s time to have your furnace check. This problem might be stemming from clogged burners, a breach in the ductwork, or lack of fuel, to name a few possibilities.

Decreased Airflow

A blockage in your ductwork can reduce the flow of air throughout your home, as can an issue with your fan or fan motor. You can spot this issue by noting any reduced airflow from your vents. Lowered heat levels and decreased airflow alike both force your furnace to run more to warm your home, costing you extra money and making it likely that your heating system will break down faster than it otherwise would have.

Odd Noises

A strange or unfamiliar sound coming from your furnace that you can’t automatically attribute to some part of its operation means you need repairs. You might hear hums, groans, rattles, and whistles. Don’t ignore any of these noises as they might indicate something more serious.

Higher Heating Bills

When your furnace isn’t working efficiently or effectively in your home, it will struggle to do its job and thus drive your monthly rates up. This is because sometimes a problem such as this doesn’t show any obvious signs until it’s grown to be a pretty big problem.

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