End-of-Season Heating Repair Signs to Be Aware of

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If we had the ability, we would ensure that you would never have to have repairs done on your heater. Unfortunately, this is just not something we are capable of, but we can certainly lower your risk of needing a major heating repair!

We can do this by providing exceptional maintenance, in which we thoroughly inspect your heating system, clean it, make adjustments, and look for smaller repair needs before they grow into huge problems. Keep in mind though, these smaller repair needs do need to be taken care of right away! So when you do need to make a call for this service, don’t look any further than our team, and make ours the number you call. In the meantime, read on to see what signs indicate it is, in fact, time for you to call for heating repair.

Cool Air Coming from Your Vents

There are some symptoms you can encounter with a failing heater that are subtle. For instance, you might think you hear a low hissing noise coming from your heat pump—this is indicative of a refrigerant leak.

One symptom that is definitely not subtle is cold air or low airflow coming from your heaters vents. The above-mentioned refrigerant leak might be to blame, but it could also be something even more serious, such as a fuel combustion problem. Another potential cause is leaky ductwork. These problems range from potentially unhealthy to an expensive inconvenience if neglected—reach out to us either way!

Unexplainable Heating Costs

There’s something tricky about heating bills. Sometimes, you won’t notice right away if there is a drop in efficiency, because energy bills always raise in the winter, right? Well, yes. But what we want you to look at is how your heating costs compare to last year’s. Unless you’re using your heater a lot more this year, you shouldn’t see too big of a spike in your energy bills. This is usually the sign that something is causing your heater to behave inefficiently.

Burning Odors

When you ran your heating system for the first time this season, you might have smelled a bit of a dusty odor coming from the vents. This is relatively normal, since the heater was off for months and some dust is burning off the components.

However, if it’s months later and you smell this coming from your heating system, you need to contact our team right away. These symptoms indicate that something is wrong with your heater, and it’s something that may be a threat to your health and safety.


Does it seem like your heating system is behaving erratically? Maybe it starts up, runs briefly, and then just cycles back down? If so, your system is doing something called short-cycling. This may be due to something as simple as a dirty air filter creating too much airflow resistance, or something like a faulty thermocouple. Whatever the case, we can help resolve it.

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