Dripping Sounds and Other Signs of Plumbing Woes

technician unclogging sink drain

One of the most obvious signs of a plumbing issue is a drippy faucet. Fortunately, this is a pretty minor one and is easily remedied. The real problem is when signs are more subtle. Plumbing problems that don’t show symptoms right away can do a lot of damage over time.

This is part of the reason we suggest that you scheduling preventive plumbing maintenance at least once a year! Maintenance allows our plumbers to take close look at your system and determine if there are any signs of corrosion, dripping, clogs that could grow bigger, or leak risks.

Even with maintenance, of course, it’s a good idea to be aware of some of the subtler signs of a plumbing problem, so you can give us a call right away. Read on for some of the most common signs of plumbing woes.

A Decline in Water Pressure

A drop in water pressure is never a good sign. It could mean a variety of different things, depending on how sudden the decline was.

Usually, any loss of water pressure means that there is a leak or blockage somewhere within your pipes. A slow loss of pressure over time means a growing blockage or leak—such as with limescale. A sudden loss of pressure, however, probably means you’ve had a pipe rupture. This would certainly qualify as a plumbing emergency, and a professional plumber should be called right away!

Higher than Average Water Bills

It’s a good idea to keep a close eye on your water bills each month. Have you noticed yours have been rising lately? If your water bills seem to be climbing beyond what’s normal for the amount of water you’re using then it’s a sign that you have a leak somewhere within your plumbing system.

Running Water Meter

One relatively simple way to tell if your plumbing system has sprung a leak is to turn off all the plumbing appliances in your home, and then take a look at your water meter. If it is still running, it means that water is probably still exiting your system, indicating a leak. You can listen for any potential dripping near your faucets to try and find the culprit.

Visible Signs of Water Damage

Even if you’re super vigilant about these types of things, the unfortunate fact of the matter is that a lot of plumbing problems only become noticeable once they’ve already gotten far enough along to inflict damage. Pinhole leaking or dripping is usually found after they’ve rotted out the surrounding area with water damage. If you detect any signs of water damage on your walls or ceiling, it’s a good idea to call in a professional to check on it as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the worse the problem will get.

As is always the case with any home problem you may suspect, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Be sure to call in a professional as soon as you have reason to suspect that something is wrong with your plumbing system. The faster they can get to the issue and repair it, the better off your plumbing system will be.

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