Don’t Let These Garbage Disposal Troubles Plague Your Plumbing

How often do you think about your kitchen’s garbage disposal? Chances are that, unless something has recently gone wrong with yours, your answer is going to be, “never.” Garbage disposals provide a lot of convenience to modern homes, however, when it experiences problems you may find yourself with an inoperable kitchen and a huge mess on your hands.

Our professionals do perform superior garbage disposal repairs and replacements, but we understand that in the ideal situation, you’d like to avoid a sink disposal catastrophe altogether. Read on to discover how you can reduce your garbage disposal damage risks.

Power Surge

Electrical power surges are not always preventable or predictable, however they do occur, and they can impact your garbage disposal system. When a power surge occurs, your disposal unit will shut off before it burns out. Usually, you can simply remedy this by pressing the red reset button near the bottom. Should this not work, however, then it’s time to call in a professional.


Your garbage disposal is an important part of your overall plumbing system. Just like any other plumbing component, however, it can spring a leak somewhere. Allow our professionals to locate the exact cause of the leak, so that we can resolve the problem the right way, in a prompt manner.


FOG (Fats, Oil, and Grease), chicken bones, fibrous vegetables, peach pits, coffee grounds: these are all items that should never go down your garbage disposal. There are even more items that you can probably get away with slowly putting down the disposal, but always with caution. Take carrot and potato peels for instance—a little bit at a time is okay, but if you force a lot down your drain, you can create a jam and backup.

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