Don’t Ignore These Signs of a Slab Leak

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Don’t Ignore These Signs of a Slab Leak

Any plumbing leak is inconvenient—there’s no denying that, right? But a slab leak is particularly formidable. What makes this type of leak so much worse?

It’s not the leak itself—the actual leak might be coming from a very small pinhole in a pipe. It’s the damage that occurs because of the leak that’s the problem. A slab leak is one that exists beneath the concrete foundation (the slab) of your home. The problem is that it’s literally hidden from view, so it could take months for you to even realize you have one—when it’s already done loads of damage beneath your home. This damage can include a cracked foundation, mold growth, dry rot of your flooring and drywall, and more.

Fortunately, there’s a bit of good news. There are actually some signs you can watch out for that indicate you have this type of leak. If you detect any of these symptoms, give us a call right away so we can accurately detect and locate the leak, then fix it for you!

Sign #1: Low Water Pressure

Just like with any other leak, water pressure throughout the pipes will be lost. This causes the water at the faucet to come out at reduced pressure. Rather than a stream of rushing water, you may see it drastically reduced.

Sign #2: Warm or Cold Spots on the Floor

Leaks are more common in hot water lines than in cold water, since these pipes are even more susceptible to corrosion. But leaks aren’t unheard of in cold water lines either, especially if they’re aging pipes.

So, if you feel warm or cold spots on your flooring that can’t be explained and don’t seem to be going away, there’s a good chance that what you’re feeling is a place where there is a water leak beneath your feet.

Sign #3: Wet Spots in Your Yard

Underground leaks may sometimes occur in your main water line or even your sewer line. If this happens, you might begin seeing wet spots in your yard with no explanation. The thing to remember here is, if your main water line or sewer line has corroded enough to start leaking, there’s a good chance the pipes beneath your home’s foundation have suffered the same fate.

Sign #4: Spike in Water Bills

Have you noticed a sudden spike in your water bills? This is almost always a sign of a leak if there’s been no increase in your water use lately. While this doesn’t specifically indicate a slab leak, it’s nevertheless a sign you shouldn’t ignore. It’s better to have a professional rule out a slab leak than to leave it to chance.

Unfortunately, unusually high water bills usually are one of the most common ways that homeowners realize they have a leak—and unfortunately, it means that the damage has likely already been done.

Calling a plumber right when you realize you might have a problem could be the difference between a minor and a somewhat expensive plumbing problem and a complete catastrophe.

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