Don’t Ignore Late Season AC Repairs

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Our temperatures are on a bit of a roller coast ride right now, with summer weather fading but still granting us with a heat wave here and there. As such, your air conditioning system probably still requires use for at least another month. As you look forward to shutting it off for the season, though, it’s important that you not neglect any Parker, CO HVAC services that you may need.

This is particularly true when it comes to repairs. AC repairs should always be done ASAP, regardless of how many more weeks you’re going to use it this summer. We’ve explained why this is the case, below.

A Neglected Repair Now Can be an Expensive Repair Later

Air conditioner malfunctions have a tendency to spread to other components. Stress in one part of the system means stress elsewhere too. So if you let your AC system keep working at the end of the season even if you know there’s something amiss or broken, you’re pretty much asking for trouble.

When you do eventually get around to having a repair done, then at this point the problem will have grown and will end up costing more than the original fix would have. The faster you have your air conditioner repaired, the less that repair is likely to cost.

AC Repairs Prevent AC Emergencies

Nobody likes the idea of arranging for an AC repair this late in the season. After all, isn’t it almost time to start thinking about heating maintenance? (Well, not quite, but it’s never too early to care for your heater!) But trust us when we say scheduling an emergency repair during a scorching hot day is no fun.

But that’s what you risk if you ignore AC repair needs just because it’s near the end of the summer season. You could very well go to turn on your air conditioner next summer on the first hot day, only to discover it’s completely inoperable due to a skipped service cal.

Increase Your AC System’s Longevity

It’s not a good idea to let your air conditioner run when it has a malfunction in it, no matter how seemingly minor that malfunction may be. This is particularly true if there’s a problem with the compressor, like too much friction on it, or the system is hard-starting.

This kind of equipment strain can take years of useful service life off of your air conditioner, meaning you’re left without a good return on investment.

Managing AC Repairs Keeps Your Bills Down

The added stress to an air conditioner that’s running with a malfunction, means the system will drain too much power. This means you end up paying more to operate your air conditioner at the end of the year than you should.

Unsure if you have repair needs?

Did you have maintenance done at or before the beginning of summer? A maintenance session allows our pros to fully inspect, clean, and adjust your air conditioner as needed. It also gives us the opportunity to spot any potential repair needs. Naturally, we recommend having this service done before the season begins. However, unless the air conditioner has completely broken down beyond repair, it’s really never too late to have a tune-up and inspection. So be sure to give our team a call!

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